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Personalized Services

Free Vitamin Program


Nutrition is especially important for our most loved family members.  That's why we provide free vitamins to seniors and children!

Enroll Today In-Store or online at:

Kid's 1st Vitamin Program:

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Senior Vitamin Program:

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Medication Packaging & Medication Synchronization


Tired of multiple pill bottles?  Forgetting to take your medications?

We are pleased to offer the convenience of In-Store medication packaging.  The packages are portable, easy to open, and extremely helpful for caregivers.  Complicated regimens are made easy!  

Call today for details or sign up below:

Medication Packaging Request Form

Convenient Drive-Thru & Home Delivery


We have a convenient drive-thru for the times you can't come in.  

We have a great selection of over the counter items.  Let us know what you need and we will bring it to the window for you.

Can't make it to the pharmacy?  We will bring the pharmacy to you!

We offer delivery schedules all over Hawkins County. 

On-Site Immunization Clinics & In-Store Vaccines


We offer a variety of vaccinations by our Certified Pharmacists.

Flu, Shingles, Pneumonia, Hepatitis A & B, and Tetanus all available in-store.

We offer On-Site Immunization Clinics for Coorperations and Businesses of all sizes.  

HR personnel can call for details or use the following link to submit contact information and we will contact you: 

HR Form

Complete Medication Review


Our Pharmacist will take the time to go over all your medications with you.  We search for cost savings, drug interactions, and work with you to discover the best medication regimen for you.

Most insurance companies will cover this service.

Medicare Plan Comparison


We offer our seniors a free comparison of Medicare Part D plans.

We look for the most affordable plan for your personal needs.

This service alone has saved our average patient over $600 per year by choosing the plan that suits their personal needs.